Welcome to my website! I’m a Haitian-American, self-taught photographer specializing in Photojournalism and Documentary photography. While these genres of photography are my passions, I don't hesitate in the least when the urge engulfs me to shoot abstractions, still life objects and other Fine Art specialties--photos that are expressive of my artistic and creative visions, perceptions and emotions. For your viewing pleasure, I've included a gallery titled Light & Shadow  that represents an example of this type of work.

This site features mostly ongoing projects and images centralized on themes that reflect people across the African Diaspora. Please feel free to peruse all the galleries listed at the top of the webpage.  For a wider scope of my work, click on the Blog link at the top of the page and/or friend me on Facebook.

My pictures are my building blocks of my own life, and a blue-print of my soul.  I'm enjoying the process of self-discovery through photography. Thanks for joining me on my journey.

*Please be sure to check back regularly for new gallery updates!

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