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Intimacy & Connection in the NYC Subway

October 2017 brings an unsuspectingly candid exhibit to the Field Gallery in Peekskill : powerful images of NYC subway passengers expressing love, captured by "humanitarian with a camera" and fine art photographer Ocean Morisset on his daily commute. 

As Morisset explains, "So many stories unfold in the subway system. I’m particularly interested in capturing love in all forms freely expressed in front of my lens; be it between parent and child, couples, siblings, friends or strangers expressing random acts of kindness.

" My choice of subject matter was born out of my intuition, and fueled by an impetuous desire to feel and to express love, especially during this time of great strife and global discord," Morisset continues. " I use an iphone for this collection, as I do with much of my personal work. The iphone allows me to be stealthy in my approach, yet close enough in proximity to my subject, making the very act of photographing an intimate experience."

Morisset shoots without asking permission of his subjects, a controversial method for some. " I want to capture and preserve the authentic moment" he clarifies. "Photographing people on the subway is an exercise not only in seeing, but in feeling."

Ocean Morisset is a self-taught photographer with nearly twenty years of experience, specializing in photojournalism and documentary photography. Morisset's choice of subject matter reveals humanitarianism , a keen eye for the unnoticed and under-appreciated aspects of life, and presenting subjects in a way that the viewer takes hold of the image for their own self-reflection.

Underground Love: Intimacy and Connection in The NYC Subway is on exhibit from October 16--November 19, 2017 with a reception on Saturday, November 11th 12PM-4 PM .

For more information, contact curator Alicia Morgan: amorgan@wlsmail.org 
The Field Gallery, 4 Nelson Avenue, Peekskill, NY 10566. 914-737-1212. 
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